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Mysterious Zagreb: Ghosts and Dragons Tour in English

Scheduled tours in English all year round Mysterious Zagreb: Ghosts and Dragons Tour is a storytelling walking tour that takes you off the beaten path to discover the dark side of the old town. If you're interested in the mysterious side of Zagreb, join this evening walk full of eerie stories: hear the rumours about strange apparitions get amused with local legends about snakes and dragons visit an old forgotten graveyard hear about the notorious witch hunts and trials be intrigued by the existence of a dragon society experience the mysterious dimension of Zagreb   Find all the details and conditions on the following link: Mysterious Zagreb: Ghosts and Dragons Tour details   If the available dates are not working for you, contact us and we can arrange a private tour.   If you'd like to book the same tour in Croatian, please contact us/ Ovaj razgled se odr┼żava na engleskom jeziku. / Ako ┼żelite rezervirati razgled na hrvatskom, kontaktirajte nas na

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Zagrebarium Quest - gamified exploration of the city

Welcome to Zagrebarium Quest - scheduled Thursday and Saturday mornings in Summer   Zagrebarium Quest is a gamified version of our popular walking tour called Zagrebarium. A mysterious crime happens in otherwise peaceful city. An enthusiastic local journalist is working on the case. Since the attempt of murder happened just when you came to town, guess who's the main suspect! Help our journalist solve the case to rescue yourself and save the victim's life. On your way learn about peculiar characters who actually walked the streets of the city, such as a passionate poison-expert, Nikola Tesla, the inventor of blimp, to name just a few.   Scheduled tours in 2018 available on Thursdays and Saturdays from June till September. Info: Zagrebarium Quest   Our other quests are available as private tours. Check out the whole offer of gamified quests.  

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Zagreb Christmas Carol

If you're in the mood for winter sightseeing in Zagreb, join this wintry city tour and find out a lot of curious facts. Find out why locals used to keep their turkeys on their balconies before giving them a full makeover and central position at the Christmas table… Learn how to foretell the following year Croatian way. Find out all the fun facts about winter sports in the old Zagreb. Join Zagreb Christmas Carol walking tour, and hear the echo of times long past in the streets of Zagreb. Visit the full description of Zagreb Christmas Carol walking tour.

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